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Chaps Offspring in Finland

Say a BIG HELLO to Chaps Offspring in FINLAND!

We are so happy about 4 lovely girls and 4 lovely boys out of Chap and Minni (A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun x Bowmore’s Penelope) in Kennel Yaborina in Finland.

We are so happy with you and thank you for everything Nina Nykänen

Thanks also to Manuel Mühringer and Gudrun Mühringer for your support

Thanks (once again) to Katrin Korff and Ullrich Korff for this great boy

2nd Place at Crufts 2019!

Unbelievable! Chaps daughter Ginger ( JCh Kim Wilde von der Kaiserleiten out of Pri Cet Aphrodite Goddess of Love & A Sense of Pleasure´s No Risk No Fun ) achieved 2nd Prize in special working class at Crufts 2019. She is now qualified for Crufts 2020.

We are unspeakably proud and happy 🙂 Well done and HUGE CONGRATS Manuel Mühringer, Gudrun Mühringer and Katrin Korff, Ullrich Korff !!!!!

How to solve freezing Android Device Monitor on Mac OS

Obviously Android Device Monitor freezes right after launch when running with Java versions > 1.8.0_151.

To keep the most recent Java version installed on your machine, but run the Android Device Monitor with an older version, just change the start parameters for the monitor app package as follows:

  1. Go to <android-sdk-homedir>/tools/lib/monitor-x86_64/
  2. Right click on –>  „Show Package Contents“
  3. edit Info.plist in a text editor
  4. Uncomment one of the <string>-vm</string> prepared templates and let it point to an older JDK installation on your machine, e.g.:
  5. Save the file and start Android Device Monitor, should work now


(thanks also to

Ginger is a high-flyer

Chaps Offspring „Ginger“ (Kim Wilde von der Kaiserleiten) by Ch A Sense of Pleasure´s No Risk no Fun X Ch Aphrodite Goddness of Love is a real high-flyer:

She was shown three times in strong junior classes and she was all times the best young girl. Now she is Junior Champion LCD.

We are very proud of and happy with her!

Ginger with 11 months (Kim Wilde von der Kaiserleiten)

Bred by Manuel & Gudrun Mühringer, Kennel „von der Kaiserleiten“, Owned and handled by Katrin & Ullrich Korff, Kennel „A Sense of Pleasure’s“

Picture (c) by Ullrich Korff

Success for Chaps son „Trompi“

We are happy about the wonderful results of Chaps son „Trompi“ at the Double CACIB in Wels recently (2.+3. Dec. ’17):  „Trompi“ – Touch of Forever All For One (Be Fab Spirit of Dacica X Ch A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun)  @ IHA Wels 2017:

V1 / Exc. 1, Jugendbester on both days; Best Male + BOS on Sunday!

Congratulations to our friends Carmen & Bogdan … and Trompi! 🙂


1 liner to install Oracle Java 8 on Ubuntu

The one liner below does everything required to install Oracle Java 8 on Ubuntu (adding repository, download + install, setting defaults):

sudo apt install software-properties-common -y && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java -y && sudo apt update && sudo apt install oracle-java8-installer curl wget jq -y && sudo apt install oracle-java8-set-default -y

Championship Hattrick Complete!

Recently Chap was shown in CZ at CACIB Mladá Boleslav. Competition was hard, as about 60 dogs were shown.

Chap did a great job and was able to win the Working Class with Exc. 1, CAC CZ and by that, he achieved the last required ticket for obtaining the Czech Champion title!
We are very proud and happy, as Chap has completed the „Championship Hattrick“:

Austrian Champion, Slovene Champion and now also Czech Champion.

Thanks a lot to our friend Manuel Mühringer (Kennel von der Kaiserleiten) who presented Chap in the showring so perfectly for us! Danke Manuel!