Pedigree Chap

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Int. Champion

German Champion LCD

German Champion VDH

Champion Luxemburg


German Junior Champion LCD

German Junior Champion VDH

Junior Champion Luxemburg

World Junior Champion

A Sense of Pleasure’s I´m A Joker

FCI Workingcertificate

Int. Champion

German CH VDH

German CH. LCD


Carpenny Scenario

Rockledge Wordsmith of CarpennySGWC


Int. CH


Carpenny Walpole

FCI Workincertificate

Rockledge Bramble
Gb. Sh. CHCarpenny Whist Hawksmoors Webster
Gb. Sh. CHCarpenny Rustina

German Ch. VDH

German Ch. LCD

Champion Luxemburg

German Junior Champion LCD

LCD Club Winner 2009

Coco Loco’s Tea Cup

FCI Workingcertificate

DK CHExquisito’s Demasiado CalienteFCI Workingcertificate Int. & Nord CHDK & S & N CHDt. CH & PICHLab Treasure’s DarioFCI Workingcertificate
Exquisito’s Buena Suerte Paisana
DK CHMallorn’s Storm In A CupFCI Workigcertificate Talimar Mallorns Storm Warning
Mallorn’s Chocomotion
A Sense Of Pleasure’s Forever YoungFCI Workingcertificate Int. ChampionSwiss CHChampion LuxemburgFR CHWJW 2003

Trialer Elite A

Thanks A Lot De La Legende De La Loutre

FCI Workingcertificate

Int. ChampionSwiss CHFR CHTrialer Elite AFoulby Tittle Tattle


Lindall Morse
Cuanbank Irish Lilly At Foulby
Int. ChampionCS CHChampion LuxemburgTrialer Elite ALejie Vanity Fair

FCI Workingcertificate

GB Sh. CHRocheby Sailing By
GB Sh. CHLejie My Fair Lady
German Champion VDHChampion LuxemburgGerman Junior Champion VDHGerman Junior Champion LCDA Sense Of Pleasure’s Angel Of Harlem

FCI Workingcertificate

Int. ChampionSwiss CHUtter Nonsense of Tintagel WindsFCI-Workingcertificate Lembas To The Moon And Back JW
GB Sh. CHInt. ChampionTrialerPoole’s Memory Of Tintagel Winds
German CH VDHChampion LuxemburgGerman Junior Champion LCDChloe Z Kastanove AlejeFCI-Workingcertificate Cr. CHHU CHCZ CHTrendsetter of Tintagel Winds
Cilka Z Kastanove Aleje

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