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2nd Place at Crufts 2019!

Unbelievable! Chaps daughter Ginger ( JCh Kim Wilde von der Kaiserleiten out of Pri Cet Aphrodite Goddess of Love & A Sense of Pleasure´s No Risk No Fun ) achieved 2nd Prize in special working class at Crufts 2019. She is now qualified for Crufts 2020.

We are unspeakably proud and happy 🙂 Well done and HUGE CONGRATS Manuel Mühringer, Gudrun Mühringer and Katrin Korff, Ullrich Korff !!!!!

Ginger is a high-flyer

Chaps Offspring „Ginger“ (Kim Wilde von der Kaiserleiten) by Ch A Sense of Pleasure´s No Risk no Fun X Ch Aphrodite Goddness of Love is a real high-flyer:

She was shown three times in strong junior classes and she was all times the best young girl. Now she is Junior Champion LCD.

We are very proud of and happy with her!

Ginger with 11 months (Kim Wilde von der Kaiserleiten)

Bred by Manuel & Gudrun Mühringer, Kennel „von der Kaiserleiten“, Owned and handled by Katrin & Ullrich Korff, Kennel „A Sense of Pleasure’s“

Picture (c) by Ullrich Korff

Championship Hattrick Complete!

Recently Chap was shown in CZ at CACIB Mladá Boleslav. Competition was hard, as about 60 dogs were shown.

Chap did a great job and was able to win the Working Class with Exc. 1, CAC CZ and by that, he achieved the last required ticket for obtaining the Czech Champion title!
We are very proud and happy, as Chap has completed the „Championship Hattrick“:

Austrian Champion, Slovene Champion and now also Czech Champion.

Thanks a lot to our friend Manuel Mühringer (Kennel von der Kaiserleiten) who presented Chap in the showring so perfectly for us! Danke Manuel!

Duo CACIB Brno 2017

Last week we made a trip to Czech Republic to show Chap at the Double CACIB in Brno.

We went to achieve the last required ticket for Chap to become Czech Champion, unfortunately we did not succeed. Competition was really tough and the classes were huge, filled with high quality dogs all over (not at least due to the fact that the CACIB Brno also acted as Crufts qualification show).

The judges Mary and Martin O’Donoghue did great work, we appreciate their judging!

We are happy with the results we could achieve, Chap was rated:

  • V2 / Exc. 2, Res. CAC CZ on Saturday (judge: Mary O’Donoghue)
  • V3 / Exc. 3 on Sunday (judge: Martin O’Donoghue)

Chaps CH-SLO certificate arrived!

Finally, Chaps new champion certificate arrived!

ÖJCH ÖCH SLO-CH A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun

We are happy and VERY proud!

Once again, big thanks to Manuel and Gudrun Mühringer of „von der Kaiserleiten“ Kennel, who helped us in showing Chap in Slovenia. Huge thanks also to Katrin and Ullrich Korff of „A Sense of Pleasure“ Kennel! Thanks for your trust, your support and guidance throughout the last years! It is mainly your success!

Picture of Chap with CH-SLO Certificate
Chap becomes CH-SLO

Great success in Slovenia!

Last weekend Chap was shown at CACIB Sempeter and CACIB Vrtojba 2016, Slovenia. Chap went to achieve his last required CAC SLO to become Slovenian Champion and in fact returned with great results:

  • 1st Day, judged by Mr. Andrzej Stepinski (PL): V2 / Exc. 2, Res. CAC SLO
  • 2nd Day, judged by Mr. Jose M. Doval (E): V1 / Exc. 1, CAC SLO and Res. CACIB!

We are very happy about this success and with the wonderful results! Chap now indeed has achieved all required tickets to become Slovenian Champion: CH-SLO !

Thank you very very much to our dear friend Manuel Mühringer of „von der Kaiserleiten“ Kennel, who helped us a lot showing Chap in Slovenia for us! Thank you Manuel – Chaps CH-SLO is dedicated to you 🙂

Chap shown in Slovenia 2016


Double/Doppel-CACIB Innsbruck 2015

Direkt im Anschluss an unseren Wanderurlaub in den Bergen fuhren wir vergangenes Wochenende weiter zur Doppel-CACIB
nach Innsbruck. Leider war bedingt durch die extreme Hitze der letzten Wochen Chaps Fell in keinem besonders guten Zustand
(Fellwechsel, viel im Wasser usw.), aber Frank Kane war als Richter geladen und das wollten wir uns auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen!
Chap (CH A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun) wurde beide Tage in der Championklasse ausgestellt.

Am Samstag wurde er von Richterin Claudia Berchtold (A) mit V3 / Exc. 3 bewertet. Am Sonntag bei Frank Kane (UK) war es sehr spannend! Chap war einer seiner Favoriten, wurde dann aufgrund seines Fells „leider“ auf V3 / Exc.3 gereiht!

Die Konkurrenz in der Championklasse ist natürlich immer hart, wir sind sehr zufrieden mit den Platzierungen an beiden Tagen!

Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht, bei Frank Kane im Ring zu stehen. Die Art und Weise wie er richtet ist herausragend und er hat – was leider viel zu selten
passiert – seine Entscheidungen, was er an den Hunden mag oder nicht mag usw. den jeweiligen Handlern im Ring auch erklärt.

Chaps Beurteilung lt. Richterbericht von Frank Kane:

„4 years, black, strong masculine dog, good ribcage, he uses his hocks very well, not in his best coat and this shows in his crop and tail, good bone, good eye colour“;
Exc. 3

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Last weekend we attended the Double-CACIB in Innsbruck. Although Chap was not in good coat due to the hot weather of the last weeks, we decided to show him because Mr. Frank Kane was judge on one day and we did not want to miss this opportunity! Chap was shown in Champion Class on both days:

On Saturday Chap was rated V3 / Exc. 3 by judge Mrs. Claudia Berchtold (A), on Sunday it was very exciting: Chap was one of Mr. Kanes favourite dogs in Champion Class but due to his bad coat condition, he „only“ was ranked  with V3 / Exc. 3 in the end!

As competition in Champion Class is hard, we are very happy with the results of this show weekend! It was a pleasure being judged by Mr. Frank Kane and I appreciated his feedback – something that I am really missing on most of the other judges…

Mr. Kanes report on Chap: „4 years, black, strong masculine dog, good ribcage, he uses his hocks very well, not in his best coat and this shows in his crop and tail, good bone, good eye colour“; Exc. 3

Chap tired

CACIB Wieselburg 2015

… just back home from CACIB Wieselburg:

Chap (CH A Sense Of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun) was shown in *** Champion Class *** and was rated *** V1 / Exc.1, CACA*** !!!
We are very happy about this result  🙂 🙂 🙂

Congratulations to Lisa & Diego – Chaps son „Honeymoon Labs Always My Friend“ who achieved V3 / Exc. 3 in Intermediate Class today!

Also congrats to our friend Manuel Mühringer and his girl Nala for winning the youth class and the BOB in the end of the day! (fingers crossed for the main ring…)

(judge was Ingrid Grill, A).


CACIB České Budějovice April 2015

Last weekend we travelled to České Budějovice (Czech Republic) to show our boy Chap (CH A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun) at the local CACIB show. The show ring for Labrador Retrievers was outside but the weather was warm and sunny and so we really had a nice day. Chap was shown in Champion Class, judged by Sigrid Holzer (A). At the end of the day he was rated with Exc. 2 / V2, Res. CAC  and also achieved the Res. CACIB.  Luckily, the winner of the Champion Class is Czech Champion already, so we can take Chaps Res. CAC as a valid ticket for the Czech Champion! We are looking forward to our next show in Czech Republic 🙂


Double CACIB Brno 2015

Back from a wonderful weekend in Brno, Czech Republic! Brno is a lovely place and the show was well organised!

Chap started in Working Class on both days:

On Saturday, 7.2.2015 he achieved V3 / Exc. 3 under judge Mr. Dusko Piljevic (SRB).
On Sunday, 8.2.2015 he was rated V4 / Exc. 4 judged by Mrs. Linda Volarikova (SLO).

We are very happy with the results of this weekend and we enjoyed our time in Czech Republic!

Chap Cacib Brno 2015