Great success in Slovenia!

Last weekend Chap was shown at CACIB Sempeter and CACIB Vrtojba 2016, Slovenia. Chap went to achieve his last required CAC SLO to become Slovenian Champion and in fact returned with great results:

  • 1st Day, judged by Mr. Andrzej Stepinski (PL): V2 / Exc. 2, Res. CAC SLO
  • 2nd Day, judged by Mr. Jose M. Doval (E): V1 / Exc. 1, CAC SLO and Res. CACIB!

We are very happy about this success and with the wonderful results! Chap now indeed has achieved all required tickets to become Slovenian Champion: CH-SLO !

Thank you very very much to our dear friend Manuel Mühringer of „von der Kaiserleiten“ Kennel, who helped us a lot showing Chap in Slovenia for us! Thank you Manuel – Chaps CH-SLO is dedicated to you 🙂

Chap shown in Slovenia 2016


CACIB České Budějovice October 2016

Last Saturday, 8th of October 2016, we finally had time in our calendar for a first show this year (we had A LOT of other personal things to do this year). As always, it was a well organized and nice show and quality of dogs was pretty good, not at least because it also had Crufts qualification.

When we entered the show ring after nearly 1 year pause, I was convinced that Chap was about to win the class or at least will achieve the Res. CAC. For my opinion the other 3 dogs in Champion Class were clearly behind Chap in terms of an athletic, muscular body; powerful and clear movement and also coat.

Unfortunately we did not meet the judges taste and Chap was ranked V3 / Excellent 3.

Regarding to the judges report the only thing that he disliked was Chaps coat. We have to accept that, that’s show. And: we are looking forward to the next one 🙂

Wird Microsoft wieder „cool“?

Nach langjähriger Microsoft-Abstinenz kann ich dem Unternehmen in letzter Zeit wieder immer öfters ein „Thumbs up“ abgewinnen – ganz im Gegensatz zu Google und Apple, die sich in letzter Zeit meiner Meinung nach in eher fragwürdige Richtungen entwickelt haben … Der Rückzug von Steve Ballmer dürfte Microsoft definitiv gut tun und vielleicht ist das der Beginn einer Ära, wo Microsoft „cool“ wird 🙂 Microsoft-Entwickler müssen nicht mehr mit Windows arbeiten 

„Classic“ Puppies arrived!

Die „Klassik“ Welpen sind da! Wir freuen uns 3 kleine Mädchen und 4 Buben nach Liv & Chap (Vajali Mindenes „Viking“ Liv X ÖCH A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun) im Kennel „Vajali Mindenes“ begrüßen zu dürfen!!

Vajali Mindenes „Classic“ Litter has arrived! We are happy to welcome 3 black girls and 4 black boys out of Liv & Chap (Vajali Mindenes „Viking“ Liv X ÖCH A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun)!!!

More Information:


Apache Cordova Tutorial

As I am convinced that hybrid App development techniques like Apache Cordova / PhoneGap are here to stay and they really provide a lot of advantages over native implementations, I’m trying to regularly reserve parts of my time to get deeper into these  technologies.

One of the best tutorials as a starting point for getting in touch with Apache Cordova is the one of Christophe Coenraets which can be found here: (last accessed November 2015).

Strongly recommend it to everyone interested!

Planned Litter 2016

We are happy to announce the planned mating of our Chap (ÖCH ÖJCH A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun) and Liv (Vajali-Mindenes „Viking“ Liv) in Vajali-Mindenes Kennel (Hungary) in 2016!

Like her mother, Liv is a lovely and excellent working girl! We have been very happy with the past Litter of Chap and Livs mother Boszi, again we are expecting wonderful puppies: bred for professional hunting, having will to please, being family-centered and meeting the criteria of the breed’s appearance and health expectations.

Chap Wurfankuendigung Liv 2016 For more information please visit:

Double/Doppel-CACIB Innsbruck 2015

Direkt im Anschluss an unseren Wanderurlaub in den Bergen fuhren wir vergangenes Wochenende weiter zur Doppel-CACIB
nach Innsbruck. Leider war bedingt durch die extreme Hitze der letzten Wochen Chaps Fell in keinem besonders guten Zustand
(Fellwechsel, viel im Wasser usw.), aber Frank Kane war als Richter geladen und das wollten wir uns auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen!
Chap (CH A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun) wurde beide Tage in der Championklasse ausgestellt.

Am Samstag wurde er von Richterin Claudia Berchtold (A) mit V3 / Exc. 3 bewertet. Am Sonntag bei Frank Kane (UK) war es sehr spannend! Chap war einer seiner Favoriten, wurde dann aufgrund seines Fells „leider“ auf V3 / Exc.3 gereiht!

Die Konkurrenz in der Championklasse ist natürlich immer hart, wir sind sehr zufrieden mit den Platzierungen an beiden Tagen!

Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht, bei Frank Kane im Ring zu stehen. Die Art und Weise wie er richtet ist herausragend und er hat – was leider viel zu selten
passiert – seine Entscheidungen, was er an den Hunden mag oder nicht mag usw. den jeweiligen Handlern im Ring auch erklärt.

Chaps Beurteilung lt. Richterbericht von Frank Kane:

„4 years, black, strong masculine dog, good ribcage, he uses his hocks very well, not in his best coat and this shows in his crop and tail, good bone, good eye colour“;
Exc. 3

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Last weekend we attended the Double-CACIB in Innsbruck. Although Chap was not in good coat due to the hot weather of the last weeks, we decided to show him because Mr. Frank Kane was judge on one day and we did not want to miss this opportunity! Chap was shown in Champion Class on both days:

On Saturday Chap was rated V3 / Exc. 3 by judge Mrs. Claudia Berchtold (A), on Sunday it was very exciting: Chap was one of Mr. Kanes favourite dogs in Champion Class but due to his bad coat condition, he „only“ was ranked  with V3 / Exc. 3 in the end!

As competition in Champion Class is hard, we are very happy with the results of this show weekend! It was a pleasure being judged by Mr. Frank Kane and I appreciated his feedback – something that I am really missing on most of the other judges…

Mr. Kanes report on Chap: „4 years, black, strong masculine dog, good ribcage, he uses his hocks very well, not in his best coat and this shows in his crop and tail, good bone, good eye colour“; Exc. 3

Chap tired