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Chap’s reproductional profile

Last 3 litters by Chap (ÖJCH A Sense Of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun) have been rather unlucky and resulted in a few puppies only.

We all know that we can’t force nature. Basically, this is just bad luck for an upcoming, high-quality stud like Chap. But there are also rumors about his reproductional quality.

Breeding should be an open game, problems should not be brushed under the carpet!

The cards are put on the table, analysis of Chap’s REPRODUCATIONAL PROFILE was performed by LABOKLIN this week.

In short: EVERYTHING IS PERFECT with Chap’s reproduction!!!

For all that are concerned, for all that have doubts — please see the official report of Laboklin:


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Nr.: 1311-A-43127
Datum Eingang: 29-11-2013
Datum Befund: 02-12-2013
­ Angaben zum Patienten: Hund männlich 2011-10-12 ­
­ Labrador „Chap“ ­
­ Patientenbesitzer: Prüller, Hans ­
­ Probenmaterial: Abstrich (2x) ­
­ Probenentnahme: 28-11-2013 ­

Parameter Ist-Wert Normwert

Chip-Nummer: 2760981041794010

Reproduktionsprofil Hund – PCR

Herpes-PCR: negativ
Chlamydien-PCR: negativ
Mycoplasma spp.-PCR: negativ

Die PCR für Mycoplasma spp. beim Hund erkennt M. arginii, M. gateae,
M. spumans, M. cynos, M. molare, M. canis, M. edwardii, M. bovigenitalum,
M. maculosum, M. opalescens und M. feliminutum.

*** ENDE des Befundes ***
Fr. Dr. Weider, Tierärztin
Abt. Molekularbiologie